How Is The Top 10 List Decided Each Week?

How Is The Top 10 List Decided Each Week?

Every week, we pull a very important report – the Top 10 list. It tells us what the top 10 tracks were for the previous week, and we happily share it with everyone, especially those musicians who appear on the list.  We wanted to take a minute to explain how it works and how the list is compiled.

Since we are an internet radio station, we have access to actual statistics for CHARLIE MASON RADIO regarding number of listeners, how long they listen, and how many times they tuned in.

The top 10 list is auto-generated based on the number of people who tuned in to a track, as opposed to tuning away.  Unfortunately, we don’t currently posses the ability to exclude commercials and station id’s from that report, so at times they will appear on the list as well.

As we are a new radio station, we’ve seen a good number of songs come and go on the top 10 list and we never know what the next report will look like.

We post the list each week between Monday and Wednesday and do our best to tag the musicians whose songs appear on the list for that week.

Good luck to all our musicians!

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